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Harmony Collection

Pink Pepper, Green Mandarin and Star Anise

The newest collection from doTERRA is The Harmony Collection. This trio of oils is already a favorite in our house. They come packaged beautifully with three oils: Pnk Pepper (Schinus molle),Green Mandarin (Citrus nobllis) and Star Anise (Illicium verum), two roller bottles for you to use to create your signature blend, pipettes, and a recipe book of suggested essential oil combinations. These oils smell amazing and have so many health benefits, by harmoniously working together they can change your mood and interact on a cellular level. I love how these oils have the ability to change the quality of my life!

Limonene is the primary component in Pink Pepper. Limonene has been shown to effect serotonin levels in the brain, providing a calming influence, decreasing stressful anxious feelings.Green Mandarin also has limonene and adds a beautiful citrus aroma as well as supporting cellular function. I love to combine it in my diffuser with sandalwood essential oil in the a.m. and lavender in the p.m. Last but certainly not least is Star Anise, this oil is one of the main ingredients in doTERRA's digestive blend. Star Anise essential oil has many benefits, both topically and internally. Immune system support and healthy cellular function are just a couple of the main benefits Star Anise offers. The aroma is reminiscent of black licorice. I know some people don't like black licorice but when blended with the other two oils or other oils in your collection you might be surprised at how it interacts and adds a layer of aroma different than the oil alone.

The Harmony Collection is one of doTERRA's best trios combining health benefits with the beauty of aroma. If you are looking to add to your collection of doTerra oils or are new and just starting out you can use the tab below to add these oils.

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