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My Top 6 Essential Oils to Start the Day

Here’s how I begin my day:  Immortelle

First, I roll Immortelle on my clean face to help with anti-aging and get rid of dark circles, wrinkles and bags. Then, I roll it under my arms as deodorant because it is incredibly protective of cell function and supports healthy detoxification, which is particularly important for the lymph area near my breasts.

A group of the most influential and successful people in the essential oil industry were once asked what oil they couldn’t live without, and this group of both men and women ranging in age from 25-65 answered unanimously, “Immortelle!!” It isn’t just a “beauty blend,” but it is a combination of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Lavender and Rose, which are the MOST powerful oils for supporting healthy cell growth and immune support.

Immortelle is the blend known for its miraculous anti-aging properties, supporting healthy cell function and supporting the removal of free radicals.

 Clary Calm

Then, I roll Clary Calm on my lower abdomen to support healthy hormone function. This essential oil reduced my PMS symptoms and supported a healthy way to ease into menopause.

Clary Calm is the blend known to balance hormones, reduce symptoms of PMS and remove cramps. It also improves mood.


Next, I place 1 drop of Copaiba under my tongue to help lower inflammation and support immune system function.

Copaiba is the oil known to lower inflammation, supports the removal of pain and improves immune system function.


I also place 2 drops of Zendocrine over my liver and over my kidneys for a gentle but therapeutic organ detox.

Zendocrine is the blend known as the Detoxification Blend. It is very therapeutic for removing toxins from organs, clearing up skin blemishes and supporting healthy thyroid function.

Slim and Sassy

Next, I add 2 drops of Slim and Sassy to my water to help kick start my metabolism and give me a jumpstart for my morning workout.

Slim and Sassy is the blend that supports a healthy metabolism, weight loss, cravings and detox.


Finally, I add 2 drops of Motivate behind my ears and over my heart for energy and clarity to start my day with fierce vitality!

Motivate is the blend that improves energy and focus. It gets me going out the door and walking.

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